Where are we going?

We’re back! Well, at least in the blogging sense. So, we’re going to start off by discussing the scientific principles of alcoholic fermentation and – just kidding! April Fools! Who wants to read about that? Nobody? That’s what we thought.

So here’s something we’re hoping you might like instead: An inside peek at what is circulating in our brains. We’ve been thinking a lot lately about our place in Salem, what has developed during the past several months and how we got to this point. However, before we move forward, we’d like to recap on where we’ve been.


Before Al and Denise launched their business here in Salem, they lived in Europe where Al received a degree in wine making.

Aside from absorbing traditional European methods of wine production, it was there they learned you can approach the art of creating wine and cider any way you want; you can concentrate on the money, do it as a hobby or develop it with your family.

So Al and Denise decided to bring back to Massachusetts the knowledge from those experiences with a focus on producing traditional hard cider using nothing but local apples and ingredients to share with patrons the true American drink.

Fast Forward

Entrepreneurship is a constant guessing game. The stressful part is taking risks, having confidence in the risks you take and rolling with whatever may happen.  Far From the Tree is still at ground level and as new business owners, Al and Denise are dealing with and accepting many different scenarios as they present themselves.

One thing remains: The love of cider.

We’re forever grateful for the amazing support system we have here in Salem. We can’t imagine another city being as supportive. Having a cider house in the midst of a waterfront community with rich maritime history and antique architecture has been a very inspiring and enjoyable experience so far, to say the least.

Our mission to create a tasting room is a top priority. We would like a space where we can introduce people to our products and pick their brains after they take those first sips.

“Taste this. Do you like it? Would you pay to drink that again? Why do you love it? That’s why we want the tasting room,” Al said. “We want to get that direct feedback.”

Far From the Tree has the capability to change things quickly and respond to the market. We want people to stay interested and we want to continue to evolve as we move forward. It’s all in our tagline…Rooted in tradition; Unique to the core.

Until next time…cheers!


Far From the Tree Fun Fact #362

We’re ridiculously tiny.

In February, Al and Erik traveled to Chicago for this year’s CiderCON.

“We heard a guy speaking while there, saying how “tiny” his business is,” Al said.  “He sells 300,000 gallons per year. We sold less than 5,000 gallons our first year.”

Baby steps.