Before New Englanders ever drank beer, they had cider. There was no need to use up or import grains when they had an abundance of apples nearby. Local apples were pressed, and fermented in barrels slowly over the cold winter. In the spring, other locally available sources of sugar and flavor like maple syrup were sometimes added to continue this steady fermentation. Cider wasn't rushed out the door as it is today; it was aged and developed until it fully matured. This deliberate fermentation and extended barrel time produces a cider that most New Englanders today have never had a chance to taste. We really enjoy drinking this kind of cider and we really love making it but there isn’t much available. So, we’ve done what makes the most sense to us…

We’ve opened a cider house! Now we can:

  • Share this style of cider with everyone who hasn’t had it before
  • Have as much of this cider as we'd like
  • Do what we love to do….make some amazing cider and be happy, the old fashion way

  • Here’s the team… TADA! (Tim, Al, Denise, Al)

    TimTim has lived in Massachusetts his entire life and has always held a great deal of pride in being from the Bay State.  He has always dreamed of being his own boss and building something new from the ground up.  He is now beyond excited to represent his home and live out his dream through Far From the Tree.  To top it all off, he gets to do it while working with his closest friends! He truly loves what we are doing here, and he thinks you all will too.

    AlAl grew up in Massachusetts and like many Bostonians has a long, slightly obsessive past with craft beer and home brewing. Along with beer eventually came wine and cider which prompted a relocation to Europe where he received a BSc (Hons) degree in Oenology (winemaking). While there, he produced wines and hard ciders in Bordeaux, Germany, South East England and Champagne. At Far From The Tree he is using his cider making experience, his love for craft beer and connection with the area to create a new but also traditional cider. He believes this cider is the culmination of everything wonderful about a fermented drink: a combination of experience, story, and an area.

    DeniseDenise grew up in Pennsylvania but it wasn’t until she moved to Boston in 2004 that her love for craft beer flourished. She also enjoyed drinking wine, volunteering at a local vineyard and making wine at home. She decided to move to England in 2010 and it was there that her eyes were opened to an alcoholic beverage that wasn’t very popular in the States – Cider! She even made cider in her flat from apples picked from a nearby abandoned orchard. In 2013 she returned to Massachusetts and joined Far From The Tree to further explore her love for cider.

    Al-SullyAl (aka Sully) has spent his professional career working in biotech and exploring the world of libations on the side.  When Sully, another Massachusetts native, was asked to join in on the cider adventure with Far From the Tree, he had to say yes!  A chance to work with his friends and turn his hobby into a profession was a no brainer.  No bottle, barrel or label escapes his ever present and relentless demand for perfection.

    Images provided by Renee Cameron Photography